What about patent lawsuits?

You didn't ask to be sued. You don't want to be in federal court. But you need to stand up for yourself.
You want to defend yourself. But you need someone who has experience filing and defending patent lawsuits and with being in federal court. Tim Ackermann has done both. He has seen both sides. And he can help you, whether you want to negotiate a settlement or to fight back.

Got a great invention? Now what?

You might need a patent. You might want to keep it a trade secret. But what to do?
Your idea could be valuable. But do you know what to do once you have it? Patents can give you exclusive rights. A trade secret might be easier and cheaper to manage. You might need confidentiality agreements. A registered patent attorney, Tim Ackermann can explain the risks and benefits and how these will help your business.

Someone using your trademark?

It's your name. It's your brand. Don't let someone else steal it.
Your brand helps define your business and tells your customers who you are. Is another company misusing your brand? Are your customers confused about who is who? Tim Ackermann can help you understand what you can do to protect yourself.

Someone ripping off your website?

Cybersquatting? Typosquatting? Just plain old copying?
Sometimes other people out there cross the line. Sometimes it's ignorance. Other times it is intentional. Defending your rights on-line requires understanding copyrights, trademarks, social media and where to go to seek that protection. Tim Ackermann can help your business protect its on-line assets.

Find a patent like your product?

Knowingly infringing a patent could cost you triple damages and attorneys fees. Seek help now.
Ignoring another company’s patent can come at a high price. You want to be responsible – to find out if there is a high likelihood of infringing a valid patent – but without spending a fortune. You want someone to give you honest and candid advice. Tim Ackermann has experience counseling clients on these risks, and the experience in defending patent lawsuits to back it up.

Accused of infringing a trademark?

The lawyer’s letter may be scary. But just being similar is not enough. Fight back.
Trademark infringement is more than having a name that seems similar. If it’s important to your company, you can fight back – you may want to see if your rights are better than theirs, if your markets are too different, or find another way to defend yourself. Tim Ackermann has fought on both sides of trademark cases.